Spring Poetry Series 2024

Nearly every year we have hosted a Spring Poetry series that features poets from all across Connecticut. This year we have added a virtual component to the series, which opens us up to attracting some poets from a distance. I think most of you know our fondness for poetry in all it's forms and we hope you will be able to join us for at least one of these events.

I have provided dates and links to the individual pages where you can learn about the poets, register (we have limited space) and consider a book purchase.

Our thanks for making Bethel a center for poetry readings!

Please click the date links to be directed to the individual date pages.

FRIDAY APRIL 5TH AT 7:00PM: Amy Nawrocki, Jack Powers, Laurel Peterson, Van Hartman, and Rick Magee (Bethel's Poet Laureate)

FRIDAY MAY 10TH AT 7:00PM: Barbara Jennes, Charles Rafferty, Kateri Kosek and Sydney Eddison.

For those of you who prefer to join us from a distance we are hosting two evenings of poetry with a great line-up too! Please register to get the zoom link for that evening.

THURSDAY APRIL 4TH AT 7:00PM: Marilyn Nelson, Jonathan Andersen and Lloyd Schwartz

THURSDAY APRIL 25TH AT 7:00PM: Pablo Medina, Suzanne Frishkorn, S. Salazar