Chogan and the Vision Quest (Paperback)

Chogan and the Vision Quest By Larry Buege Cover Image
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Historically Accurate Native American Literature

Chogan is having recurrent nightmares about a bright light during a snowstorm and assumes the spirit world is trying to reach out to him. He embarks on a vision quest where he must fast for four days to seek an answer. Chogan receives his vision, but it leaves him more confused than ever.

To make matters worse, a fall storm destroys the wild rice crop, and Chogan's village may not survive the winter. Along with starvation comes the dreaded scurvy. Everyone is on the verge of death. Chogan must now place his life on the line and snowshoe to Kitchi-Miniss in search of a cure from the Medicine Woman. Only the wisdom gained from the vision quest can save Chogan and his village.

Embedded it this novel are references to six stand-alone webpages that explain Chogan's culture or a survival skill.

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ISBN: 9798987258842
Publisher: Gastropod Publishing
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2024
Pages: 154
Language: English