Influencerz: Secret Influencerz Academy (Paperback)

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Three friends navigate life in college. They're all completely unaware that there's a team of specialists curating the outcome of their lives. This is an introduction into the Influencerz universe where these real life influencers, not to be confused with social media influencers, manipulate the lives of the chosen elite who shape the future of the world. The elite are chosen to help their society progress and power the economy. When you have a goal involving someone else it's important that you know how to negotiate. Unfortunately the word negotiate carries a negative connotation that has it being confused with the word control. I don't like the word control. I like the word influence much better. I believe when you properly use your influence you can control someone with consent. We all know how important consent is for serious issues like sex and police searches. But consent is also important for the small decisions like what a kid wants to wear to school or where they want to go to school. Influencerz is a fun adventure It isn't a straight forward lesson and my goal is to entertain not teach. But there's an important message between the lines of this story. The message is INFLUENCE IS GREATER THAN CONTROL.

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ISBN: 9798869377005
Publisher: Nuu Era Digital
Publication Date: July 17th, 2024
Pages: 228
Language: English