The Gravity of Missing Things (MP3 CD)

The Gravity of Missing Things By Marisa Urgo Cover Image
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Flight 133 disappeared over the ocean. No wreckage. No distress signal. Just gone.

Suddenly, everyone on the news and social media is talking about whether the pilot intentionally crashed it--everyone but me. Because I know her. The pilot was my mom, and there's no way she would hurt anyone. No one else knows that before she left, she wrote me a note. Trust me, it said.

Now it feels like someone split my world--and me--in two, and the only person who believes me is Landon. I want to trust him, to let him see who I really am, but I can't. I have my secrets, the same way Mom has hers. All I know is falling for him will only make things more complicated.

Just as I start to open up, the answer to what really happened to Flight 133 could rip my world apart all over again--for good this time.

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ISBN: 9798212180191
Publisher: Recorded Books, Inc.
Publication Date: June 7th, 2022
Language: English