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By Plato
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A philosophical work by Plato, The Symposium was written between 385 and 370 BC. It depicts a group of distinguished people conversing amicably and making impromptu speeches at a banquet. The playwright Aristophanes, the general and political figure Alcibiades, and the philosopher Socrates serve as representations of the men. The speeches are to honor Eros, the god of passion and love. In the Symposium, Eros is acknowledged as passionate love as well as a phenomenon that can arouse bravery, valor, great acts, and works, as well as dispel man's innate fear of dying. It is viewed as transcending its agrarian roots and reaching the pinnacles of spirituality. The question of whether some of the most extreme meanings might have been meant as humor or farce is raised by this tremendous elevation of the concept of love. Eros is generally always translated as "love," and the English word itself has a number of different meanings and nuances that make it more difficult to comprehend the Eros of classical Athens. One of Plato's most important works, this dialogue is valued for both its philosophical and poetic characteristics.

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