555 SUPER FUN Activity Book for Smart Kids (Paperback)

555 SUPER FUN Activity Book for Smart Kids By Wonder House Books Cover Image
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A perfect book for young ones to learn new concepts while playing educational games, solving puzzles, word searches and fun activities. The young learners also become familiar with English grammar, math's concepts and become aware of their surroundings through engaging EVS activities. This amazing book boosts critical thinking, develops motor skills and promotes relaxation and concentration among children as they have several hours of fun.
This activity book is a must-have for all children!
• It introduces concepts of English grammar, Math and EVS
• It helps improve focus and concentration
• The book is filled with fun activities that accelerate learning
• The activities are accompanied by vibrant illustrations
• Builds problem-solving skills and enhances critical thinking

Product Details
ISBN: 9789354406645
ISBN-10: 9354406645
Publisher: Wonder House Books
Publication Date: December 30th, 2022
Pages: 128
Language: English