Ptolemaic Egypt Maritime Renaissance (Paperback)

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In the early third century BC, Ptolemaic Egypt stood as a formidable maritime power in the eastern Mediterranean. Under the leadership of Ptolemy I Soter, Egypt had amassed a formidable fleet, cultivated a loyal network of allies, and accumulated substantial resources that fueled the entire Mediterranean economy. However, as the latter half of the third century unfolded, historical records in the form of literary and epigraphical sources seemed to suggest a decline in Ptolemaic influence in the Eastern Mediterranean.

This research project seeks to challenge the conventional interpretation of this decline in Ptolemaic sea power. Rather than accepting it as a straightforward decline, this study proposes an alternative perspective that frames the sources as indicative of a strategic shift in Ptolemaic maritime endeavors. Furthermore, the project delves into the intricate relationship between Egypt and its primary trade partner, Rhodes, shedding light on how the burgeoning Rhodes Empire might have influenced and reshaped Ptolemaic maritime strategies.

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