Austria Marco Polo Map (Marco Polo Maps) (Folded)

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Marco Polo Austria Map: the ideal map for your trip
Let the Marco Polo Austria Road Map guide you around this beautiful country. Discover rugged mountains, idyllic mountain villages, splendid cities and more with this highly durable, detailed, touring map of Austria. It folds away easily and is always on standby to help when you're stuck.
  • Perfect touring map - the scale is 1: 300 000* ideal to help you tour the region by car or RV.
  • Easy to use - the super clear mapping in strong colors and clear text will help you navigate the country like a local.
  • New ZOOM system - all large urban areas marked on the main map are cross-referenced to separate transit maps zooming in on the city. Zoom even further with detailed city maps in the index booklet. So, if you choose to meander around the country lanes, criss-cross the country by motorway or navigate the streets of Vienna, Innsbruck or Salzburg this handy, fold-out map has all the information you need.
  • Includes 12 city maps - detailed street maps of 12 key cities are also included.
  • Austria highlights - major sights and key points of interest are marked on the map by numbered stars and these are listed in the index booklet with a brief description to help you pick the best places to see en route.
  • Extensive index - the thorough index is fully cross-referenced to the map to help you pinpoint your destination quickly.
For the big trips and the little detours, trust Marco Polo's clear mapping and thorough index to guide you around Austria.
*(1: 300 000 / 1cm=3km / 1inch=4.7 miles)

About the Author

Marco Polo was the original, trailblazing 'tourist'. Born around 1254 into a wealthy Venetian merchant family, at the age of 17 he embarked on an epic journey to Asia and was one of the first westerners to visit China. When he returned he recorded his extensive travels by publishing a book which introduced Europeans to Central Asia and China, possibly the first 'travel guide' ever published! Marco Polo's travels have since inspired countless adventurers to set off and see the world. It is reputed that Christopher Columbus set off across the Atlantic with a copy of Marco Polo's original book. It is this pioneering spirit that drives us at Marco Polo Travel Publishing to provide the best guides, maps, atlases, and phrasebooks to help you explore the world. We hope our guides and maps will inspire you to set off on your own adventures.

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ISBN: 9783829755863
ISBN-10: 3829755864
Publisher: Marco Polo Travel Publishing, Ltd.
Publication Date: March 25th, 2020
Pages: 2
Language: English
Series: Marco Polo Maps