Baking Bread with Kids: Trusty Recipes for Magical Homemade Bread [A Baking Book] (Paperback)

Baking Bread with Kids: Trusty Recipes for Magical Homemade Bread [A Baking Book] By Jennifer Latham Cover Image
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The only book kids and parents need to make their own delicious bread at home—and make it fun, simple, and easy, with 20+ recipes for ages 7 and up. No fancy tools needed!

“With this fantastic book, Jen Latham is literally educating and empowering kids of current and future generations.”—Chad Robertson, baker and owner of Tartine Bakery and author of Bread Book and Tartine Bread

Making bread can be so simple and fun that any kid can learn to master the art of mixing, folding, proofing, and baking to create incredible breads. From sandwich breads, like Honey Whole Wheat and fluffy Milk Bread, to buttery Brioche Rolls, puffy Pita, and chewy Baguettes to the not-quite-bread treats like fresh Flour Tortillas, Pizza Dough, and Cornbread, Baking Bread with Kids includes more than twenty recipes for aspiring bread bakers. 
Each recipe is organized into clear and easy-to-follow instructions and accompanied by beautiful illustrations depicting each step, perfect for school-age readers or younger kids accompanied by an adult in the kitchen. Baking Bread with Kids is the definitive bread book for learning to make delicious loaves and treats that everyone will enjoy.

About the Author

Jennifer Latham is the co-author of Bread Book with Chad Robertson and recorded the audiobook Getting Started with Sourdough. She is the former director of bread at Tartine, where she managed the bread-making teams in Northern and Southern California.

Praise For…

Baking Bread with Kids is packed full of tasty, achievable, easy-to-follow recipes that will get children into the kitchen for lots of baking fun.”—Michael James, author of The Tivoli Road Baker and All Day Baking

“Jen guides children to make the most elemental human food—bread. This book provides the perfect opportunity to share, transmit, and delve into this craft for the next generation of bread bakers.”—Apollonia Poilâne, baker & owner of Poilâne bakery in Paris
“The ease and grace with which Jen shares her knowledge inspires me to get the kids in the kitchen to let the flour fly high. I can hear her laughter and joy in the recipes, and her deep reverence for the craft comes through in her words. Jen makes what could seem challenging much easier with her prompts and encouragement.”—Cortney Burns, author of Nourish Me Home

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ISBN: 9781984860460
ISBN-10: 1984860461
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2022
Pages: 176
Language: English