The Little Book of Dog Care: Expert Advice on Giving Your Dog Their Best Life (Hardcover)

The Little Book of Dog Care: Expert Advice on Giving Your Dog Their Best Life By Ace Tilton Ratcliff Cover Image
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An essential guide to caring for your dog, filled with expert-backed tips and nuggets of advice to help every dog owner understand what their canine companion needs in order to be happy and healthy.

In the Little Book of Dog Care, life-long dog lover and deathcare veterinary practice owner Ace Tilton Ratcliff delivers a must-have primer for every dog parent. What should you do when your dog is scared during a thunderstorm? How can you make clipping their nails less miserable? When do they like to eat? What can’t you feed them? Endless questions, expert-certified answers.

Thoughtfully divided into chapters that focus on a specific aspect of care, from sleeping to grooming and beyond, these tips and tricks are applicable to any breed of dog. By the last page, every dog owner will better understand what their dog might be feeling—and how to best assist, using your enviable opposable thumbs.

About the Author

Ace Tilton Ratcliff lives and works in sunny south Florida with their veterinarian husband, Derek, and a pack of adopted dogs and cats. Ace is a multidisciplinary writer, artist, and consultant, heading Stay Weird, Be Kind Studios since 2017. Ace also co-owns Harper’s Promise, an in-home veterinary practice focused on end-of-life hospice, palliative, and euthanasia care. They’re an amateur beekeeper who loves to collect plants, and their free time is spent getting tattooed or riding their scooter to the beach to read.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781982173036
ISBN-10: 1982173033
Publisher: S&S/Simon Element
Publication Date: July 11th, 2023
Pages: 208
Language: English