Where Must Design Go Next? (Paperback)

Where Must Design Go Next? By Jarrett Fuller Cover Image
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Over the last 85 years, the Institute of Design's pioneering approach has brought about three distinct design eras--experimentation, systems design, and human-centered design--and each of these eras build on the strengths of previous ones.

The history of ID, then, is synonymous with the history of design. The larger impact of our fourth and current era is yet to be determined, but this book acts as a blueprint for where design might go next.
Design is a catalyst. We cannot speculate, create, and implement on our own. For too long, designers have lived with the misguided belief that only we can do what we do -- the false idea that, somehow, designers are unique. In this current phase, ID is powering a new generation of design leaders willing to release the hubris and openly embrace collaboration. In the spirit of collaboration and dialogue, this book assembles six conversations with ID faculty about the issues facing contemporary design and how ID is thinking through them as a community.

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ISBN: 9781961856097
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Publisher: Oro Editions
Publication Date: December 1st, 2023
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