Seven Days of Potty!: A Fun Read-Aloud Toddler Book About Going Potty (Large Print / Paperback)

Seven Days of Potty!: A Fun Read-Aloud Toddler Book About Going Potty By Suzanne T. Christian, Two Little Ravens Cover Image
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Through a diverse cast of characters and relatable scenarios, 'Seven Days of Potty ' introduces the basics of going potty, solving the challenge of making potty training approachable and fun.

Spread over a week, each day in the book features different characters facing unique scenarios related to going potty, from discovering what a potty is to the joy of washing hands. This approach ensures that every child can see themselves within the pages, making the concepts of potty training more accessible and engaging.

Highlights of "Seven Days of Potty "

  • Diverse Characters: The variety of characters promotes inclusivity, ensuring every toddler can relate to the story and see themselves as part of the potty training journey.
  • Interactive Learning: Encourages toddlers' participation, inviting them to help the characters find the potty, toilet paper, and soap, turning reading time into an interactive, engaging experience.
  • Foundation for Healthy Habits: Focusing on the basics, like the importance of washing hands, lays the groundwork for lifelong hygiene practices.
  • Routine and Confidence Building: The book's structure helps little ones understand daily routines, fostering a sense of achievement and confidence with each page.

Beautifully illustrated and filled with gentle humor, "Seven Days of Potty " is not just a book; it's an engaging tool designed to ease children into potty training. Perfect for parents, guardians, and educators looking for a positive, inclusive approach to this developmental stage. Begin your potty training adventure with a book celebrating every child's journey.

Order 'Seven Days of Potty ' now and embrace potty training with confidence, inclusivity, and fun

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ISBN: 9781960320834
ISBN-10: 1960320831
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Two Ravens Books LLC
Publication Date: March 6th, 2024
Pages: 26
Language: English