Rouge 1: The Enchanted Dragon: Enchanted Dragon (Large Print / Hardcover)

Rouge 1: The Enchanted Dragon: Enchanted Dragon By Cecilia Caballero Cover Image
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In a mystical realm of ancient dragons and enchantment, a young and kind-hearted dragon named Rouge, with a powerful magical lineage, embarks on a journey of destiny. However, their idyllic world shatters when a rift in the sky robs them of their magic and severs the sacred bonds between dragons and children. Forced to flee to a new, magicless realm, they must conceal their true identities to guide and protect isolated children dealing with difficult emotions. Concealing one's true self comes at the price of being emotionless. Emotions are the birth of magic.

This tale is a testament to love, enduring bonds, and the extraordinary adventures that await those who believe in the magical and timeless power of connection. A tale that allows for a deep SEL, social-emotional learning, experience as readers are encouraged to feel fully and grow the magic within themselves.


You will smile with wonder, cry with disappointment, and sigh with relief in this story which is the beginning of a 5-part book series. SEL Glossary included.

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ISBN: 9781953154071
ISBN-10: 1953154077
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: La Belle Lune Publishing House
Publication Date: September 29th, 2023
Pages: 44
Language: English