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The 15-year history of the production of a "German scotch" Black Whisky.

YKSIHW KCALB recounts the 15-year history of the production of a "German scotch" Black Whisky, made by Dexter Sinister together with Stahlemühle, a distillery set up by ex-publisher Christoph Keller. The story is told in reverse, starting with the delivery of 342 bottles to Berlin in 2022, and ending with an interview with Christoph for the journal Dot Dot Dot in 2007, during which the idea began to germinate. A summary of the project is accompanied by photographs taken at the time, interspersed with five previously published texts (an essay, three conversations, and a statement of intent) written along the way.

About the Author

Dexter Sinister is the compound working name of Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey and David Reinfurt. In 2000 David formed the design studio O-R-G and Stuart co-founded the arts journal Dot Dot Dot. In 2006 they jointly established Dexter Sinister as a "just-in-time workshop and occasional bookstore" on New York City’s Lower East Side. Sarah Crowner also worked with Dexter Sinister from 2007–2009. Together with Angie Keefer in 2011, Stuart and David founded the publishing/archiving platform The Serving Library, which continued the trajectory of Dot Dot Dot. Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey joined The Serving Library in 2016, Angie left in 2017, and Vincenzo Latronico joined in 2018.

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ISBN: 9781915609069
ISBN-10: 1915609062
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2024
Pages: 256
Language: English