The Wreck of the Argyll (Paperback)

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Dundee, 1915. Twelve-year-old Nancy Caird is desperate to do her bit for the war. So when she suspects one of her teachers of being a German spy, she’s determined to foil his plans, and ropes in the reluctant Jamie Balfour to help her uncover the scheme. Midshipman Harry Melville is on his first voyage aboard HMS Argyll as it forges through the black and stormy North Sea, unaware of both hidden rocks and German plots that threaten the ship. When Nancy and Jamie’s suspicions are confirmed, and they discover HMS Argyll is in deadly danger, they’re drawn into a web of espionage, secrets, and betrayal, where no-one is as they seem and no one can be trusted.

About the Author

John K. Fulton is the son of a lighthouse keeper, and grew up all around the coast of Scotland. These remote and lonely locations instilled in him a life-long love of books and the sea.

Praise For…

“An exciting and fast-paced spy thriller; The Wreck of the Argyll is my kind of story.” —Allan Burnett, author, The Story of Scotland: Inspired by the Great Tapestry of Scotland

“A fascinating account of an exciting event.” —Theresa Breslin, author, Remembrance, Winner of the Great War Dundee Children Book Prize 

"This historical tale of espionage and danger centers on empowered young protagonists determiend to help their home country in dire times." --Booklist Online, 4/20/2016

"A satisfying World War I mystery with age-appropriate themes that will resonate with young readers."  —School Library Journal, June 2016 issue 

Product Details
ISBN: 9781908885517
ISBN-10: 1908885513
Publisher: Cargo Publishing
Publication Date: May 1st, 2016
Pages: 160
Language: English