Swords of God: Wargaming Battles of the Crusades (Paperback)

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Swords of God is a narrative wargame centered on the Age of Crusades (1100-1400). Rather than attempt direct simulation of the physical aspects of warfare, the rules instead take inspiration from chansons de geste and other romantic literature of the time and aim to create a faster-flowing, more abstract struggle still worthy of a song.

The game aims to fit battles of around 20-30,000 men a side onto a 6' x 4' table, but any size of table can be used if your unit bases are smaller than the 'Impetus' standard of 120mm by 40mm, or more numerous than the sands of the sea Centred as it is on the command and control of key personalities in each army, any size of battle is possible with the easy-to-use points system provided. The game also provides a quick chart to help you pick the right size of table for your battle.

Inspired by psychohistorical studies of the Crusades like Avner Falk's Franks and Saracens and Vincent Baker's seminal Apocalypse World rules engine, the game's deep but simple mechanics promote meaningful tactical choices while ensuring the action always moves forwards. Among other things, it features:

- A unified mechanic based on the roll of 3 six-sided dice.
- Gridded movement to get the action started quicker. The sides of each square are equal to half the width of a unit base.
- Scenario generation that takes the table's terrain into account.
- More than half a dozen sets of special rules based on the army commander's relationship with the divine. In an era of personal oaths and charismatic authority, these special rules extend to their army as well.

Army lists for campaigns in Iberia, the Baltics, the Languedoc, Bohemia and the Levant feature curated spreads of generic unit types, while the 'Faith Trees' available to generals of any religion grant special rules based on their emotional connection to the divine and the religious war that has ensnared them. Each one gives an army a different feel, providing a great deal of replayability even within the same campaign.

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ISBN: 9781804514535
ISBN-10: 1804514535
Publisher: Helion & Company
Publication Date: June 30th, 2024
Pages: 88
Language: English