The Revised English Hymnal Full Music Edition (Hardcover)

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The Revised English Hymnal stands in a tradition of musical and liturgical excellence reaching back for over 100 years. Building on the fine reputation established by Ralph Vaughan Williams and Percy Dearmer, the editors of the landmark English Hymnal published in 1906, the main principle governing this new collection is that it is intended first and foremost as a usable resource for congregations today, so each item included is suited to use in worship throughout the Christian year. It includes general hymns; hymns for feasts, seasons and saints' days; office hymns for the liturgical year; an enlarged eucharistic section; responsorial psalms; and a new English folk mass setting. In addition a new Appendix will provide cross references across the whole collection of hymns that are suitable for use on occasions or in ways outside the structured sections of the book. Offering some 700 carefully selected hymns and liturgical texts, the Revised English Hymnal is - classically Anglican (a treasury, not a museum) - liturgically focused and organized - theologically informed and doctrinally and consensual - musically and poetically intelligent and energetic - culturally adventurous (internationally and chronologically diverse) - educative and formational - a joy to handle.

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ISBN: 9781786220059
ISBN-10: 1786220059
Publisher: Canterbury Press Norwich
Publication Date: July 31st, 2023
Pages: 1824
Language: English