I Got to Know Nature (Paperback)

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"yet some way, you've turned catastrophe into a bouquet, proving you are meant to survive for those who long to be alive within greenhouses you've contrived, and these flowers will thrive on your earth. scents of sage engage the sanctity of your rebirth. now do you see all you are worth?"

I Got to Know Nature is the second collection in a three-part poetic series written by Christine Weimer. This compilation of free-verse, rhythmic poems encapsulates the ebb and flow of self-reflection and what comes to the surface when you try to get to know yourself after the dust settles.

This book encourages you to heed the calling to look deep inside and understand what's underneath, dares you to sit with yourself as a listener and a recorder, and challenges you to embody your true nature; the nature of a human, a woman, a lover.

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ISBN: 9781735487465
ISBN-10: 1735487465
Publisher: Our Galaxy Publishing LLC
Publication Date: November 4th, 2020
Pages: 78
Language: English