Woodpusher (Paperback)

Woodpusher By Jr. Baughman, Tim Cover Image
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Erika Edens finally had everything she wanted. The girl. The quiet life. The stable job. But even the best situations can be turned upside down by powers well beyond our control.

Now Erika finds herself in another universe full of gods, guardians, and advanced technologies. Along with her girlfriend and four other humans, they must undertake a plan to save Earth from a rogue deity. But for all the skills and talents this team has, one critical component is out of place. Will Erika be able to overcome her lack of skills - and her demons - to learn what she needs to save the world? Or will she trip herself up along the way?

Content warning: Acephobia, alcoholism, anxiety, body horror, death, gun violence, homophobia, intrusive thoughts, mental illness, strong language, transphobia, violence

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735319056
ISBN-10: 1735319058
Publisher: Timothy Dwayne Baughman Jr
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2024
Pages: 386
Language: English