Lick and the Invasion: Books 1 - 3 (A Humorous Science Fiction Adventure) (Paperback)

Lick and the Invasion: Books 1 - 3 (A Humorous Science Fiction Adventure) By Lick Darsey Cover Image
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Heavy drinkin'. Shootin'. Tinkerin' in the junkyard. Killin' alien critters.

Books 1, 2 and 3 of the Lick and the Invasion series together in one volume.

Lick and the Invasion: The Beginning (Book 1)

They came up on us like a gravy crap. We was just down by the creek dranking and shooting when them ugly suckers flanked us. My name is Lick. They call me Lick cause when I was a baby I used to lick everything. This is the story of me and my buddy Fanger. We call him Fanger cause when he was a kid he broke his panky fanger on his right hand and his mom and deddy didn't git it fixed right. Now it sticks out all the time like a fancy yankee or English man dranking tea. Anyway, this is the story of our first encounter and how we ended up on the run. Just like everybody else.

Lick and the Invasion: The Interrogation (Book 2)

Me and Fanger been holed up out in the country recovering from the fight. We could handle pretty much all them critters except for them Maybelle Turner werewolves. Fanger got drunk one night and his strategic mind kicked in to action. He came up with a four-step plan for figuring out these alien critters. Phase one was to requisition some silver to make some bullets. Phase two was surveillance and recon. Phase three was stockpile more of that black ooze to keep ourselves invisible. And phase four was to kidnap one of them critters and interrogate them to find out how me and Fanger fit into to all this mess.

Lick and the Invasion: The Counterstrike (Book 3)

Me, Fanger and Jack learned during our interrogation and torture session them alien critters were full of surprises. We decided it was time for us to start playing offense. We drank a ton of moonshine and devised us a strategy to attack them alien critters.

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