Simple Guides, Theravada Buddhism (Compact Disc)

Simple Guides, Theravada Buddhism By Diana St Ruth, Richard St Ruth, Steven Crossley (Narrated by) Cover Image
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This book will help you appreciate the timeless wisdom of the oldest form of Buddhism in existence, understand what it means to be a Buddhist, recognize the key practices and traditions of Theravada Buddhism, and avoid faux pas in conversation--both in traveling and personal relationships. Access the world's religions through this entry in this series of simple guides that provide concise, accessible introductions to the world's major religions. Written by experts in the field, these guides offer an engaging and sympathetic description of the key concepts, beliefs, and practices of different faiths. By offering essential insights into the core values, customs, and beliefs of different societies, they also enable visitors to be aware of the cultural sensibilities of their hosts and to behave in a way that fosters mutual respect and understanding. Ideal for spiritual seekers and travelers alike, these guides aim to open the doors of perception.

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ISBN: 9781690564430
ISBN-10: 1690564431
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: February 25th, 2020
Language: English
Series: Simple Guides