The Funny Business (Paperback)

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Sometimes you just want to be silly.

#1 Bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson is known for his grand science fiction sagas, his epic fantasies, his fast-paced adventures, or his steampunk Clockwork chronicles.

But Kevin J. Anderson also has a lighter side. You'll laugh so hard, brains will come out your nose.

What happens when-

A wimpy, henpecked man finds an enchanted loincloth that turns him into a real jungle Ape Man?

A stranded alien uses his advanced technology to fool audiences as a stage magician?

A frustrated monster-movie actor uses a gypsy witch's special makeup to turn into a real werewolf when the cameras start to roll?

A group of heavy-metal fans finds a spell on the internet to raise their favorite dead rock star from the grave for a final encore?

A vampire, just minding his own business, wakes from his coffin to find he's being stalked through his own castle by an over-enthusiastic vampire hunter?

A futuristic law firm uses time travel as a legal loophole to win their client's case?

Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. takes on the Boogeyman for a client, or is hired out to save a sacrificial Aztec Christmas turkey?

These twenty stories cover a range of slapstick, subtle, short-short, and groaner humor. The Funny Business also includes for the very first time the scripts of the hilarious comic miniseries Grumpy Old Monsters, never before published.

Beware-silliness ahead. Open the book, and prepare to snicker

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ISBN: 9781680575019
ISBN-10: 1680575015
Publisher: Wordfire Press
Publication Date: September 9th, 2023
Pages: 284
Language: English