If Leaves Fell Up (Hardcover)

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This is a children's picture book about a boy who laments how messy fall leaves are when they fall to the ground and he delights in imagining a stress free autumn with no leaves to rake because they all fell up. His imagination leads him to envision ways to blow them up to the sky or keep them from falling to the ground. Maybe each tree could have its own fan. Perhaps Santa's elves could tie them on with "elfish thread" or monkeys stick them on with super glue. But each solution creates another problem and he realizes that if leaves fell up there would be many negative consequences such as they'd bump the clouds and hide the sun. Birds and butterflies would avoid the skies and you could never fly a kite.
Eventually he comes to realize there are good reasons leaves fall to the ground...they fertilize the soil, they provide food and shelter for bugs and small creatures, plus they are a whole lot of fun to jump and play in. Eventually he concludes that though they can be messy, the beautiful colors of autumn leaves and the benefits to the earth bring more happiness than trouble. It's how the world was meant to be.

About the Author

Terry Bartlett is an artist, photographer, musician and served as a local pastor for over 35 years. As a photographer he has produced numerous educational and motivational videos, locally and nationally, for churches and non-profit organizations as well as many training and promotional videos for various corporations. As a musician, Terry sings, plays guitar and in retirement fulfilled a life time desire to learn to play the piano (he's still learning). He is the proud father of three grown daughters and grandparent to 5 delightful and independently minded grandchildren. Terry and his wife live in Ohio where the autumn leaves are beautiful and his yard is full of leaves to rake. "If Leaves Fell Up" is his second published book, his first children's book.

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ISBN: 9781667874906
ISBN-10: 166787490X
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2023
Pages: 34
Language: English