Mental and Emotional House Cleaning and Management: Manual for discovery, freedom and life (Paperback)

Mental and Emotional House Cleaning and Management: Manual for discovery, freedom and life By Sam Napier Cover Image
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Have you ever felt like you were being held prisoner within your own mind? Trapped in a mental prison with no escape and harassed by relentless negative thoughts and emotions? There are many who feel the exact same way due to a multitude of reasons. They all feel lost in a hopeless situation and believe they must always wander weary and alone.

This was exactly how author Sam Napier felt for many years of his life.

After enduring years of growing up in a toxic family environment, Napier had no idea what it felt like to be truly happy. Even after leaving his Kentucky home, joining the Air Force, finding a wonderful woman, and having children with her, he still couldn't understand why he continued to be tormented constantly by negative thoughts and emotions. A near-fatal experience changed his whole perspective as God came to his rescue and offered him peace and resolve to keep moving forward.

Learning the natural progression of how negative thoughts and emotions can escort us down a self-deceptive, debilitating, and seemingly hopeless path is the first step to self-discovery. Mental and Emotional House Cleaning and Management is Napier's new manual that will help you take the necessary steps from cleaning up the toxic elements within your mind to seeking out God's help and more. You will ultimately acquire the special tools, equipment, and commitment that will transform your mind, enrich your heart, and set you free to discover who you really are deep down inside.

If Napier had not accepted God's help those many years ago, he would have had a hardhearted, empty, and miserably short life. Now, forty-three years later, he shares the treasure of truth and wisdom that guided him in establishing a solid foundation for his life and enabled him to construct a thoughtful and emotional life of love, joy, peace, wisdom, and understanding. His highest priority is to help others do the same.

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ISBN: 9781662861178
ISBN-10: 1662861176
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: November 6th, 2022
Pages: 158
Language: English