Frenemies with Benefits (Paperback)

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A playful and sexy contemporary rom-com perfect for fans of The Kissing Booth and Tweet Cute

If there was an award for Least Able To Function Around Cute Boys, Jess Webster would clean up. She can barely talk to a guy, let alone engage in naked things. But now that high school is over, Jess resolves to put her big-girl pants on and at last bang—sorry, bag—the longtime object of her desire, Andrew. All she needs is someone to practice on first.

Enter Benjamin Oliver. Jock hot, nerd hot (which is just greedy, really), star quarterback, and all-around pain in Jess’s ass. While Jess would rather nap on a nest of fire ants than be his girlfriend, there’s still something about him that sends a jolt through her stomach, making him her best (and only) candidate for her guy game glow-up.

With summer in full swing and not one but two cute boys on the horizon, Jess is pretty sure she’s on the winning side of the bargain. But can her deal with Benjamin stay purely business-with-pleasure? And, the question that Jess soon can’t ignore: does she want it to?

About the Author

Lydia Sharp worked a number of different jobs, everything from retail management to veterinary medicine, before turning her passion for stories into a career. She is now a romance editor and writes young adult novels with lots of kissing and adventures. Lydia lives in Ohio with her blended family of humans and dogs. When not completely immersed in a book, she binges on Netflix, pines for Fall, and hosts mad tea parties in Wonderland. Follow her on Instagram @lydiadawnsharp for updates.

Praise For…

“Frenemies with Benefits by Lydia Sharp was such a great story. I love a great enemy to lover story and this book offered just that.” -Tianna B, NetGalley

“I want to start off by saying I wish I had this book when I was a teenager. It was refreshing to read a YA book that openly discusses relationships.” -Emilie Y, NetGalley

“Benjamin and Jessie are such a fun couple. Their banter is absolutely bonkers and their love to hate each other kept me laughing throughout the whole book.” -Joanna’s Bookshelf

“Loved every moment of this book. I can see this being a staple coming of age book for generations.” -Erica K, NetGalley

“This book is cute, funny, and emotional, and is just a fun read, I found myself laughing so many times, on top of that have I mentioned how cute it is???” -Ann’s Bibliotherapy

“Though they spar verbally every chance they get, their chemistry is just so cute and funny. I enjoyed their banter and how they tease each other during their deal/fake relationship – it just feels so natural.” -AgathaFeelingg.Reads

“Ugh, this book was so cute. I absolutely could not get enough of Jessie and Ben. They were the prime example of, “I hate you so much that I love you” and I love me a good enemies to lovers trope.” -RaymondReads

“Jessica and Ben! I love their chemistry and their bickering. Their relationship started as fake and for a favor but I love everything about it. It doesn't seem forced because it wasn't really forced in the first place! I love them both!” -Wandering Between Pagess

“I loved this! The smile i had barely left my face while reading this. I love the fake dating and how oblivious the characters were to their own feelings at the beginning. Definitely recommend. Also, new book boyfriend alert!!” -Sarah.SReads

“If I had to describe this story, I would say that it is funny and refreshing. It has the perfect balance.” -Sharon L, NetGalley

“If I were asked what book did you previously read but still decided to go to the bookshop just to buy a physical copy so you could re-read it? I would most definitely say this book. "Frenemies with Benefits" is a fun, nostalgic read. This book is one you would pick up, sit in your nearest coffee shop, order your favorite drink and just flip through the pages, the progressing figures of everyone else blurry behind the pages. It's a book that will have you smiling hysterically throughout. It's playful, it's hot, it's cute, it's funny and it's a most read for lovers of contemporary rom-com.” -Boozy Book

“This was such a cute little romcom. It’s so obvious what’s going to happen, it the depth she gave each character was so great to read.” -Eriko Reads

“Tutoring Jessica on intimacy, and all that entails, is an amazing balance of cute and humorous. The verbal back and forth is highly entertaining and the one liners (of which there are numerous) makes this novel even more worthy of a read.” -Book Lover 67

“This upper-YA book was an incredibly fun read! It made me laugh out loud, swoon a bit, and generally reminded me how glad I am that I'm not in high school/college anymore!” -Kimberly B, NetGalley

“This book has fantastic banter, great characters, perfect chemistry, hilarious moments and some real issues that teens deal with. I adored it. The author also includes a note to readers, as this book touches a lot on sex (from great sex, to unplanned pregnancies) and consent, this is a book I wish I had when I was younger.” -Wander.Through.Books

“Loved this book! Super cute teen romcom. I could see this being a movie! I wish this book existed when I was a teenager.” -KJ’s Book Corner

Product Details
ISBN: 9781649374097
ISBN-10: 1649374097
Publisher: Entangled: Teen
Publication Date: August 29th, 2023
Pages: 400
Language: English