Blinded Birds (Hardcover)

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Blinded Birds traces the descent of three generations of women into the anguished worlds of depression, alcoholism, and addiction-genetic predispositions that "tumble down generations / like a Slinky toy on the stairs." The book's title alludes to a Flemish sport in which finches were blinded with hot needles to block out the distractions of the real world, compelling them to repeat their song more compulsively and thus win in competition. This, the collection's title poem asserts, is not unlike the genetic anomalies increasingly linked to clinical depression and all kinds of addictive and atypical behavior-mutations imposed by a tyrannical god's whims. But as Blinded Birds makes clear, there is the hope of joy and recovery, despite genetic propensity. Healing can be manifested through courage, determination, and the loving support of family.

The author has pledged to donate 15% of proceeds to the organization To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.

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ISBN: 9781646628162
ISBN-10: 1646628160
Publisher: Finishing Line Press
Publication Date: March 25th, 2022
Pages: 46
Language: English