A Beautiful Pint: One Man's Search for the Perfect Pint of Guinness (Hardcover)

A Beautiful Pint: One Man's Search for the Perfect Pint of Guinness By Ian Ryan, Zebadiah Keneally (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Ian Ryan, Zebadiah Keneally (Illustrator)
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The ultimate illustrated guide to Guinness and the history, culture, and facts to help you find the perfect pint-from the pub to the pour-wherever you are.

We've all got a friend who claims to know where you can get the best pint of Guinness. From the pub to the pour, it's just as much an experience as it is a drink. But the man who truly knows best is London-based Corkman Ian Ryan – founder of @Sh*tLondonGuinness and @BeautifulPints, and in A Beautiful Pint, he shares his expert tips to help you find it yourself, every time.

Including the all-important elements to look for in a Guinness pour-from exact foam height and storage temperature to the crucial glass shape and settling time-as well as what to run away from when seeking a beautiful pint and a crème de la crème guiding list of pubs in New York and around the world, Ian shares his expertise from many a “pint of plain” sank and enjoyed. By the end of it, you too can guide your friends to the best pint of Guinness in town.

About the Author

Ian Ryan is a Corkman, doggedly pursuing a decent pint in the capital since 2018. He has made a name for himself as the founder of popular social media accounts Shit London Guinness and Beautiful Pints. His expertise comes from many a drink sank and enjoyed. When not posting plain across Instagram and Twitter, Ryan spends his days in the world of video games (working, not just playing). He lives in London.

Zebadiah Kneally is an interdisciplinary artist, his drawings offset by painting, sculpture, video, performance, and book projects. Zebadiah presented his first solo show in 2016 and has published his drawings with a long list of independent publishers. His work can also be found in the collections of the MoMa Library, the Thomas J Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the New York Public Library Special Collections. He lives in New York City.

Praise For…

“Beer is, and always has been, a thing of emotional attachment and a sense of place; in A Beautiful Pint, Ian shows how Guinness personifies that for him and so many other people.” —Melissa Cole, award-winning beer and food writer

“This book is a beautiful homage to Guinness but it's also the story of how we often appreciate our own culture more when we leave home.” —Steve Ryan, co-founder of 40ft Brewery

“The dog needs a bone, and the bone is some Guinness at the end of the day.” —Jason Momoa, on drinking Guinness

“This divine brew is so tasty, creamy, so near chocolatey in its rich buzz-giving qualities that the difference between this stuff here and the indifferently poured swill you get where you come from is like night and day. One is beer. The other, angels sing. Celestial trombones.” —Anthony Bourdain, on drinking Guinness

“Like so many things in life, a well-poured pint of Guinness is worth waiting for.” —Rashers Tierny, on drinking Guinness

“What we do every St. Patty's day, which is wear green and drink a lot of Guinness... Everyone ends up having to sing a song by the end of it.” —Saoirse Ronan, on drinking Guinness

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ISBN: 9781639734351
ISBN-10: 163973435X
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Publication Date: February 20th, 2024
Pages: 176
Language: English