A Town Called Crayonville: Underneath we are all the same (Hardcover)

A Town Called Crayonville: Underneath we are all the same By Nina White Cover Image
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Nina White has felt her calling was always to bring peace and joy and love to the world and that it was her spiritual gift to serve others. This is her first book, and she is adamant about mentoring today's youth. Nina is happily married for twenty-five years to her high school sweetheart, Herman White. Together they have three wonderful sons to whom she has instilled the qualities of being fine respectable young men, with one of them proudly serving the country in the United States Air Force. She taught them from when they were babies until they grew into young adults how to love and respect others, which is what she instills in her book.
Nina feels called to write unique stories not only to children to promote the acceptance of one another's differences but also to women who need to know the self-worth and unique beauty that they all possess. Nina has had several careers in the past--from caring for handicapped children to working in a hospice--and in between she is drawn to serve others and feels most rewarded when she can help others on a small or large scale.
Stay tuned for future books with unique messages, including poetry and Bible verses, to apply to everyday life. She gives God all the glory for him using her as his vessel to share his love.

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ISBN: 9781635759228
ISBN-10: 1635759226
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: September 25th, 2017
Pages: 28
Language: English