A History of Dinosaurs in 50 Fossils (Hardcover)

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A beautifully illustrated and definitive crash course on dinosaur fossils, from the Allosaurus that use their teeth and jaws to dismember prey to the Sinosauropteryx specimen that confirmed the existence of feathered dinosaurs

For natural history buffs and Jurassic Park fans

Dinosaurs have captivated the world since Megalosaurus was the first one named in 1824, and A History of Dinosaurs in 50 Fossils features fifty of the most momentous dinosaur findings from the fossil record. From rare fossil embryos that provide a glimpse into the early stage of dinosaur growth and development, to the claw of a Deinonychus, the dinosaur that served as a template for Jurassic Park’s terrorizing raptors, the book illustrates the enthralling evolutionary history of animals that ruled the Earth for more than 150 million years with 75 full-color illustrations. Each stunning fossil photograph, magnified for optimal detail, includes an entry explaining the importance of the discovery and the fossil’s significance in the larger evolutionary timeline. Themed chapters build off each other to depict a full and incredible story, including content on:

  • the origin and rise of dinosaurs
  • an introduction to major groups 
  • biological characteristics like feeding, behavior, distribution, and locomotion
  • the first fossil birds, including the legendary feathered dinosaur, Archaeopteryx, considered widely to be the world’s first bird species 

The book provides insight on what fossils tell us about dinosaur relationships, movement, diet, skin, teeth, and frills, and so much more. A History of Dinosaurs in 50 Fossils compiles centuries’ of the most exciting fossil findings that helped earn dinosaurs an enduring place in the public imagination. This authoritative and visually beautiful book will delight and inspire readers young and old, and help them understand the rise and fall of some of the most amazing creatures to roam Earth.

About the Author

PAUL M. BARRETT is a merit researcher at the Natural History Museum, London, who specializes in dinosaurs, macroevolution, systematics, and taxonomy.

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ISBN: 9781588347336
ISBN-10: 1588347338
Publisher: Smithsonian Books
Publication Date: October 29th, 2024
Pages: 160
Language: English