Siblings: You're Stuck with Each Other, So Stick Together (Laugh & Learn®) (Paperback)

Siblings: You're Stuck with Each Other, So Stick Together (Laugh & Learn®) By James J. Crist, Elizabeth Verdick Cover Image
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Humorous yet practical advice for building positive sibling relationships.

Turn sibling rivalry into positive sibling relationships with this fun, humorous pocket guide for kids. Siblings can make for great friends, and it’s nice to have someone who’ll love you no matter what. But kids know that sibling relationships can be hard when problems of fairness, jealousy, conflict, tattling, privacy, and other things come up—and they usually do.

Siblings teaches kids how to deal with sibling rivalry and more, including special situations such as siblings with special needs, step-siblings, and adopted siblings, and it focuses on building positive sibling relationships. After all, siblings are siblings their whole lives.

Laugh & Learn® Series
Self-help, kid-style! Realistic topics, practical advice, silly jokes, fun illustrations, and a kid-centric point of view all add up to one of the most popular series that young people turn to for help with school, families, siblings, and more. Kids ages eight to thirteen can tote these pocket-size guides anywhere and learn to slash stress, give cliques and rude people the boot, get organized, behave becomingly, and in general hugely boost their coping skills.

About the Author

Dr. James J. Crist is the clinical director and a staff psychologist at the Child and Family Counseling Center (CFCC) in Woodbridge, Virginia, and a substance abuse counselor, working with addictive disorders in teens and adults. At CFCC, he provides psychological testing and individual, couples, and family psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults, specializing in children with ADHD, depression, and anxiety disorders.

He has authored and coauthored numerous books including I'm Here: A Peer Counseling Guide for Teens; What's the Big Deal About Addictions?; What to Do When You're Cranky and Blue; What to Do When You're Scared and Worried; Siblings: You're Stuck with Each Other, So Stick Together; and The Survival Guide to Making and Being Friends.

Elizabeth Verdick has been writing books since 1997, the year her daughter was born. Her two children are the inspiration for nearly everything she writes. Before becoming an author, Elizabeth edited books for children and parents.

These days she writes books for babies, toddlers, teens, and every age in between. She especially loves creating new board books. The Happy Healthy Baby® series is designed to capture the interest of the littlest readers. Elizabeth’s Toddler Tools® series helps young children and their parents cope with those tough times and transitions that happen every day (like naptime and bedtime). In the Best Behavior® series, she helps toddlers reach new milestones and improve their day-to-day behavior.

Elizabeth also enjoys getting the chance to look at the funny side of life in the Laugh and Learn® series, which helps kids ages 8–13 get a handle on the social-emotional skills they’re developing throughout the elementary and middle school years. She’s also coauthor of The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (And Their Parents), which offers kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) their own comprehensive resource for both understanding their condition and finding tools to cope with the challenges they face every day.

Elizabeth lives and writes near St. Paul, Minnesota.

Praise For…


“A useful addition.”—School Library Journal

"Starting with the wry subtitle and the colorful cover cartoon of two fuming kids standing back to back, this lively title uses accessible humor to approach sibling-related topics, such as birth order, privacy, jealousy, bullying, and bonding. The authors discuss each subject in a child-centered, casual, and humorous tone; tips about how to “get the jealousy monster off your back,” for example, are illustrated with a cartoon of a huge purple creature towering over a kid’s shoulder. Included are chapters about siblings with special needs, stepsibs, and bonding with older sibs (respect their privacy) and younger sibs (“practice asking, not bossing”). The book’s open design and interactive features, such as quick checklists and quizzes, help make this a great choice for kids and grownups to talk and laugh about together. A final note and bibliography aimed at parents and caregivers will further aid family discussions."
— Booklist

“Offers children and parents several solutions to common problems”
— Tulsa World

“The authors are real, authentic, not preachy, and I’m able to use [the book] to start conversations at my house about all things siblings.”

“Get this book and leave it somewhere one of your children will see it!”
— The Siblings’ Busy Book Blog

"Siblings: You're Stuck with Each Other, So Stick Together is a great mental health handbook to the thorny problem field of sibling relationships, the search for peace and harmony. This creative, colorful, humor-laden book contains tons of ideas and suggestions for ways to enrich and improve anyone’s given sibling relationships. Some specific topic areas are: How Birth Order Affects Your Relationship, Top 10 Sticky Situations and Survival Secrets, 5 Ways to Forge a Fabulous Friendship, a Note for Parents and Caregivers, and many more. Siblings  is particularly helpful in that it focuses on strengthening and developing positive sibling relationships rather than just subjecting the rivalry or negative aspects of the relationship to analysis and scrutiny. Special sibling problem areas that are dealt with also include half siblings, step siblings, adopted siblings and siblings with special needs. In addition, the Note to Parents and Caregivers includes advice on When Professional Help is Needed, such as “If one child bullies the others, fighting happens often and ruins family plans, or if a child’s self esteem suffers.." (p. 115) Siblings: You're Stuck with Each Other, So Stick Together is a practical and fun resource for kids, parents and mental health and teaching professionals."
— Midwest Book Review: MBR Bookwatch

“A useful addition.”

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