Between Mom and Me: A Mother and Son Keepsake Journal (Paperback)

Between Mom and Me: A Mother and Son Keepsake Journal By Katie Clemons Cover Image
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A simple way to stay connected, this is the perfect Mother's Day gift for mom from her son!

This must-have shared mother-son journal is fun, creative, and easy to use with thoughtful prompts, coloring pages, challenges, and free creative space!

With this engaging guided journal, together you and your child will:

  • Answer Thought Provoking Questions: What are your thoughts on kindness? What would we do if we had the whole day together with no work of chores?
  • Record Memories: One of my favorite traditions is; our favorite thing about the season is...
  • Compare Perspectives: What were you like when you were my age? Do you ever feel pressured or uncomfortable about anything online?

Between Mom and Me is the perfect tool to build mother-son relationships. Kids can record memories, swap stories, compare perspectives, and explore common and unique interests with their moms! Interactive lists and letters back and forth invite both mom and son to reflect, write, and doodle about topics timely to their lives as kids, build self-confidence, and improve their penmanship. And while you're writing, drawing, and doodling, you'll be connecting with those you love in an all-new way. This is a very special journal meant to foster a lasting relationship between mother and son.

About the Author

Katie Clemons is an avid storycatcher, mom, and fifth generation Montanan whose super power is asking questions. Her mission—Let’s celebrate your story!—began in elementary school when Katie craved a consistent, fun way to capture and write her stories. Today, she's a No. 1 bestselling author who's shared her story on HGTV's "You Live in What?," given a TEDxTalk, created a storycatching community, and received numerous awards and press for her innovative approach to journaling. Katie and her journals have been featured by media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping and Pregnancy and Newborn.

Katie's work helps both children and adults celebrate their life stories and nurture deeper bonds with their families while finding greater joy and gratitude. Find Katie and share her storycatching discoveries at or @katierclemons on social media.

Praise For…

"It's up to you whether this counts as an organizational hack, but in my mind, organizing the emotional needs of my family is also something I need help with. So many years ago, I invested in getting each of my kids a corresponding mother-child journal. The idea is simple: anytime they have something they want to talk to me about that goes beyond our bedtime chats, they can write in the journal and leave it on my desk (and yes, I also bought a special basket just for the journals too!). I will write back to them and slip it under their pillow. They've been a great tool to connect and stay on top of which kid may need a little extra attention." —

"I was having the most difficult time in my relationship with my oldest son... I found something that perfectly fits his love language: The Between Mom and Me - Mother Son Journal... After hugging me, he said: 'I always knew you loved me, but it makes me feel loved when I read all of that and know that you took time to write it, not just say it'" — Amazon Reviewer

"Most certainly lived up to both of our expectations. It's like passing notes with a friend at school. We're always thrilled to see what the other has to say" — Amazon Reviewer

"My 10 year old son actually gets really excited when we write in this… It has fun, and also meaningful questions. Such a nice book!" — Amazon Reviewer

"Great opportunity to have something between mom and son" — Amazon Reviewer

"A great tool to get your son writing - and a wonderful way to bond" — Amazon Reviewer

Product Details
ISBN: 9781492693574
ISBN-10: 149269357X
Publisher: Sourcebooks Explore
Publication Date: March 1st, 2019
Pages: 144
Language: English