Frozen in Time: Fossils of Great Britain and Where to Find Them (Hardcover)

Frozen in Time: Fossils of Great Britain and Where to Find Them By Rhys Charles Cover Image
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A vibrant and richly detailed guide to fossils for readers with a passion for the natural world and those that inhabited it long ago.

This is a book for those that want to learn to scan the beach for fossils, who love the simple pleasure of getting outside or those who want to develop their relationship with the world around them. From the Jurassic Coast to the Antrim Coast, our nation is home to some of the most incredible fossil sites in the world.

Weaving an intricate tapestry of knowledge on the landscape of our own pre-historic planet, palaeontologist and Education Officer of the Bristol Dinosaur Project, Rhys Charles beautifully communicates the joy of fossil-hunting and where best to hunt for them in the country. Under his guidance, and with The Natural History Museum, this book invites readers to unlock breath-taking fragments of a lost world.

About the Author

Rhys Charles is a paleontologist at the University of Bristol, and is Education Officer for the Bristol Dinosaur Project, visiting schools and working closely with other Bristol institutions, such as the museum and the zoo, to bring palaeontology to a wider audience and make it more accessible.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781409197966
ISBN-10: 1409197964
Publisher: Trapeze
Publication Date: December 13th, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English