Egyptian Myths and Legends: Tales of the Gods and Goddesses (Hardcover)

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Egyptian Myths and Legends: Tales of the Gods and Goddesses By Ea Wallis Budge, W. M. Flinders Petrie Cover Image
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This luxurious edition contains a range of fascinating stories from the world of Ancient Egyptian mythology.

Egyptian mythology is rife with intrigue, wonder and excitement as the gods. Telling of creation, divine struggles between Osiris, Isis, Horus and Set, the journey of the sun as day passes turns to night and the nature of the afterlife and the underworld, these legends were woven through the civilization known for the pharaohs and the pyramids.

This collection includes such tales as:
. The creation of the world by the sun god Ra
. The murder of Osiris by his brother Set
. Anubis and the Underworld

Written in accessible style, for everyone to enjoy, this gift edition with gold foil accents, stenciled page edges and beautifully illustrated endpapers will be a welcome gift for anyone interested in Egyptian mythology.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The Collectible Myth and Legends series contains luxurious gold embossed gift editions of classic myth and legends from around the world, featuring full-color endpaper designs, ivory pages and striking stencilled page edges.

About the Author

Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge (1857-1934) was a renowned Egyptologist who worked at the British Museum in London and made significant contributions to the Museum's collections of cuneiform tablets and papyri as a result of his many trips to the Near East. He was a prolific author who contributed much to the study of hieroglyphics.

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ISBN: 9781398844162
ISBN-10: 1398844160
Publisher: Sirius Entertainment
Publication Date: November 12th, 2024
Pages: 256
Language: English