Daddy, Can We Talk? (Paperback)

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When someone we love dies, we never stop wanting to talk to them. The urge to pick up the phone when we have exciting news or share a sad story never goes away. Daddy, Can We Talk? expresses this desire and asks the hard question-can we still talk to our loved one after they are no longer with us?

Questions are healthy, and we need to look for answers, but sometimes clear answers are not to be found. It is okay to ask God questions and then rest in the knowledge that God is able to take care of our need. If we need to talk to our loved one or share our news with them, we may not be able to speak directly to them, but God can. We can trust God to share our message if we simply ask.

This book is for anyone whose loved one is in heaven. No matter how long they have been there, no matter the circumstances of their arrival, no matter your age or relationship, the pain and loss are real. After time, the reflex of reaching for the phone may decrease, but the desire to talk to them does not. Daddy, Can We Talk? gives us permission to ask God to connect us with those whom we still love and with whom we still need to communicate. It does not matter how God does this. It only matters that God can do this.

I pray that you have a relationship with Jesus and will be reunited with your loved ones someday. Until then, I pray that you will not be afraid or reluctant to ask God for what you need.

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ISBN: 9781098038397
ISBN-10: 1098038398
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: June 15th, 2020
Pages: 28
Language: English