HyperVigilanté (Paperback)

HyperVigilanté By Link Rayburn, Alejandro Colucci (Illustrator), Paula Marais (Editor) Cover Image
By Link Rayburn, Alejandro Colucci (Illustrator), Paula Marais (Editor)
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Nomadic construction worker Vlad inadvertently gains superpowers and enters ultratime after guzzling a radioactive energy drink he finds near the nuclear-disaster site of Chernobyl. Svetlana, an army veteran coping with PTSD, sees Vlad crash back into real time, finds him unconscious, and saves his life. They bond over this secret, fall in love, and decide to use the stash of energy drinks to fight evil as the superhero duo HyperVigilant .

Both sci-fi adventure and love story, this David-versus-Goliath tale set in Russia is rife with pop culture references from video games, movies, TV series, music, and even scripture. A fun and funny mash-up of Russian and American cultures, it's a wild ride with Vlad and Svetlana as they battle mobsters, terrorists, and corrupt politicians while building a new life together.

If you want the explosive action of the Equalizer paired with the awkward nerdiness of Napoleon Dynamite and served with a side of Easter eggs like Ready Player One, then HyperVigilant belongs in your hands Buy yourself a copy An early reader of the book said, "A good book makes me consider how the characters would react to real world situations. You've made me do that with Vlad and Svetlana.

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ISBN: 9781039175136
ISBN-10: 1039175139
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2023
Pages: 276
Language: English