Humans Evolved, People Were Made (Hardcover)

Humans Evolved, People Were Made By John Castell Cover Image
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If you believe in God but recoil from the way some people think that science has the answer to everything, and that the theory of Natural Selection can account for people without the need for God, you will find this book informative and inspiring. While reading it you will learn about the relationship between science and theology. You will be informed about the development of evolutionary science, from Lamarck to the present. You will understand the limitations of science and that Natural Selection is thought to be less important now. You will become aware of the difference between humans and people. How it was that people's fear of each other led to sedentism and agriculture ten thousand years ago.
You will learn more about the work of Charles Darwin, including his genetic theory, Pangenesis, and the writing on evolution by his contemporaries, Wallace and Chambers.
You will see how the words of the Bible can be aligned with the material record of archaeology and how the timeline of development of people is different from that of animals.
You will be interested in the proposal that God made people by an upgrade of the human, which must have happened just before the migration out of Africa, about 65,000 year ago. Only God could have given the ancient humans a soul, language and the intellect and immortality which go with them. This changed them into the people we are now, to make one living creature that could talk to God.

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ISBN: 9781035800308
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Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: December 8th, 2023
Pages: 244
Language: English