Grandma's Thanksgiving Dinner (Hardcover)

Grandma's Thanksgiving Dinner By Maria Hoskins Cover Image
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Janis Kearney best-selling author of Cotton Field of Dreams, Sunday's with TJ, and

former presidential diarist to U.S. President Bill Clinton, best describes author Maria Hoskins's

Children's story Grandma's Thanksgiving Dinner in the books foreword. Kearney writes:

Author of the 2014 Christmas Night on the Farm, Maria Hoskins has once again brought her magical childhood memories of holidays on the farm to young readers in her new book, Grandma's Thanksgiving Dinner. Here, Hoskins shares memories of crisp autumn days on an Arkansas farm populated by a loving family and farm animals. Thanks to Hoskins vivid memories, young readers will surely imagine waking up on Thanksgiving morning on the rural farm, feeling the warmth of the potbellied stove, and hearing the unique sounds from the barn that can only be heard on a farm.

Finally, Hoskins' story will surely entice the most reticent of readers as they imagine the tastes, the textures, the smells of the sweet potato pie, turkey and dressing, ham and homemade rolls A most delightful potpourri of life on the farm on Thanksgiving Day

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ISBN: 9780986403644
ISBN-10: 0986403644
Publisher: C&v 4 Seasons Publishing
Publication Date: September 25th, 2015
Pages: 26
Language: English