Crusade and Conversion: Saracen Depiction (Paperback)

Crusade and Conversion: Saracen Depiction By Annette P. Huntsman Cover Image
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This insightful exploration delves into Middle English romances, which grapple with identity on both macro and micro levels, encompassing culture, religion, and the individual's societal role. Amidst the backdrop of political turmoil, war, and the ravages of plague, these romances probe the essence of Englishness, Christianity, gender roles, kingship, and knighthood. The encounters with the "Other," particularly Saracens, serve as a powerful lens through which to examine identity uncertainties and complexities. Saracens feature prominently in Middle English canon, from the crusade narratives involving Christian knights venturing to the Holy Land to the insular Arthurian tales. These Saracenic figures simultaneously shed light on and blur the boundaries of Middle English Christian identity. Moreover, these romances contemplate the historical context, including the series of failed crusades, prompting reflection on what it would take to achieve lasting victory in the Middle East.

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ISBN: 9780739988688
ISBN-10: 0739988689
Publisher: Gulam Publishers
Publication Date: September 11th, 2023
Pages: 180
Language: English