Loving Others + Joy (Paperback)

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Loving Others

Derision and hatred are a common feature on our screens. Such words and actions are accepted and even celebrated by the world.

In this mess, how can we lead our families to love as Jesus did?

Soolie gets mad, so very mad, when his little sister touches his favourite toy. As his Mum teaches him what God's word has to say about love he wonders: Can God really be more powerful than my big, angry feelings?

Join Soolie and his family in an all too familiar tale of sibling rivalry, as they discover what God's Word has to say about loving others. Then lead your family, friends or students to study this challenging topic for yourselves.

In God's word, loving others is non-negotiable. Our love for other Christians is meant to be what sets us apart as followers of Jesus. But it isn't an easy task. Your family need your help today to learn the importance of loving others and the incredible power that we have been given that makes this possible.

Get your copy of this resource to help you lead your family to love when it is hard. We know this is what God has called all of us to and that he will be glorified as we reflect his character in this way.


Life can give us plenty to complain about. But the Bible commands us to have joy. Is it really possible to count it all joy?

The excitement of Soolie's plans for the day is interrupted when he is reminded he has a job to do first. Soolie is filled with something, but it certainly isn't joy. His Dad takes the opportunity to teach him an important lesson about joy.

But will it have the power to change his mood?

Join Soolie for another tale in the gum trees as he discovers the source of true and lasting joy. Then use the discussion questions & Family Joy Project to connect this important lesson to your own life.

You will be glad that you did

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ISBN: 9780648859550
ISBN-10: 064885955X
Publisher: Jodie Cooper
Publication Date: November 20th, 2020
Pages: 30
Language: English