The Endless War That Never Ends (Paperback)

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Ten years have passed since Art unleashed the cosmic teddy bears upon the Multiverse. And for ten years, the infinite war between Life and Destruction has raged across countless earths.

Nothing has changed for Art, other than the fact that everything has changed. He is a prisoner of the Bureau of Interdimensional Travel, an oversight agency charged with policing threats to the Multiverse. His only desire is to return home to his beloved couch and never leave it again. But as the years drag on, his hope wanes.

Meanwhile, Ginny and Drillbot have become generals of opposing armies in the cosmic war and have battled one another for a decade. But the Bureau of Interdimensional Travel has now developed a weapon that might finally end the war, and the outlook for these two has turned grim.

During this endless war, some will find love. Some will find betrayal. Some will find purpose. And some will find that there is a rather fun poker game every Wednesday night in the Fifth Circle of Hell.


"Just when I thought a Multiversal Adventure Story couldn't get any quintessentialer than Art for the Sake of Art, the author releases the sequel and makes me question everything I know about quintessentialness."
-At least one person on one of the infinite earths in the Multiverse, probably

"It's fine, I guess. Go ask your mom."
-The author's dad

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ISBN: 9780578432557
ISBN-10: 0578432552
Publisher: Karaoke Octopus Press
Publication Date: August 13th, 2019
Pages: 342
Language: English