Dictionary of Women in Religious Art (Paperback)

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Why was religious art with women's imagery produced? Where was it produced, and by whom? What if any were the roles of women in the production of religious art with women's imagery? The Dictionary of Women in Religious Art provides basic information about not only the images of women in religious art, but about their roles in society and women's cultural history as well. The women or female figures considered are frequently goddesses, celestial beings, demons, metaphorical entities, and legendary women, but also historical women as well: religious leaders, artists, writers, and even women patrons of the arts.
Here is a wealth of valuable information drawn from sources as diverse as chronicles, cave art, sacred scriptures, ancient archaeology, and contemporary Japanese dance. The over 2,000 entries in the Dictionary of Women in Religious Art and over one hundred illustrations, provide the reader with a full understanding of the symbolism and the multiple meanings of the details found in each piece of art.
The Dictionary of Women in Religious Art will serve as an introduction to a fascinating field of study and as an acknowledgment of the need for future exploration of women's imagery in the art of the world's religions.

About the Author

About the Author: Diane Apostolos-Cappadona is a Research Associate in the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding and Adjunct Professor of Liberal Studies at Georgetown University. She is the author of Dictionary of Christian Art

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